About Chef Jesusio Silva


   Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Jesusio discovered two lifelong passions at a young age: the thrill of the restaurant work and a love for his home team soccer club, the Tigres of Monterrey. Cooking, would transport Jesusio internationally—eventually landing him in Denver, exploring new cuisines and cultures. Yet his dedication to the Tigres and the community of supporters (Libres y Lokos), allowed Jesusio to never lose connection to his hometown and the people he left behind.

   At just twelve years old, Jesusio began working to support his family, learning the classic “Regio Style” of Monterrey cuisine at China a Bravo: seasoned meats cooked over hot charcoal, served alongside spicy salsas and handmade tortillas.

 Into adulthood, Jesusio was pushed to move faster and faster in the kitchen as he worked in larger food scale production. He spent a few years moving up the ranks at a restaurant within the Plaza Sesamo theme park before landing a position at Cuautemoc y Famosa Ceveceria, where 1400 brewery employees are fed in less than 3 hours.

 Life changed drastically in 2002 as Jesusio’s world was uprooted by tragedy. His older brother, Carlos, was gravely injured in a car accident while studying in Denver. The tight knit Silva family quickly made the decision to leave Mexico and transport their whole lives to Colorado. For Jesusio, this meant learning a new language and culture while once again needing to work his way up through kitchen ranks.

  Fortunately, Jesusio soon found camaraderie and support working in the Tamayo kitchen under Troy Guard and Ruben Herrera. Focusing on his passions, Jesus was able to rebuild friendships and community while learning new kitchen skills and styles of cuisine.

  Through mentorship and luck of opportunity, Jesusio was given his first preview of sushi by internationally acclaimed chef Bryan Nagao during the opening of Mao in 2004.


Jesusio was hooked. While discipline and tradition would define the parameters of Japanese cuisine, Jesusio found license to infuse his own style and flavors into something so foreign.

  But first, came an important period of learning as Jesusio landed a job cutting fish for True World, the largest fish distributor in the world. Here, he would learn the ins and outs of Denver fish supply as well as meet the chefs defining Japanese cuisine in the Mile High City. One such chef, sushi master Wayne Conwell, enticed Jesusio to join the ranks of Sushi Sasa. There, he spent the next 9 years of his career learning from his peers, building adoring clientele and adding creative infusions to the menu.

While many guests dining omakase with Jesusio became close friends over the years, there was one guest in particular that stood out. In 2011, on a hot summer night, Jesusio met his wife, Alaina, as she ventured out for a solo dinner and happened to sit in front of Jesusio. It was love at first bite and they later married in 2014, then blessed with two boys in 2017 and 2019.


  In 2015, Jesusio worked with the Osaka group to open Osaka Ramen, Sushirama and a curated fish market named after Jesusio. But the thrill of high end, omakase sushi was calling and 2017 brought a new opportunity that Jesusio couldn’t pass up.

  Partnering with Charlene and Robert Thai, Jesusio began to build the Misaki Sushi brand with a Stanley Marketplace location, followed by Superior, and eventually a spot at the highly anticipated Broadway Market in downtown Denver. With his partners also running a fish distribution company, Jesusio has found access to unique and incredibly fresh seafood, which he boasts on a daily changing menu. His restaurant is once again filled with familiar faces of guests from over the course of his career as he finds opportunity to delight with his own fresh take on a Japanese raw bar and sushi counter.

  While the workload of being a chef is demanding, as is the role of being a new father, Jesusio always finds time to watch his beloved Tigres play. When playing on American turf, Jesusio is known to jet off for one night to wherever the match may take him. The link between his hometown and Colorado inspires his art as it does his life—a strong connection of passion and heart.